Shutdown Coverage: All Libraries except Carpenter Closed Effective Immediately.

Due to under-staffing, all campus libraries and study spaces (other than Carpenter Hall) are now closed. The campus library system is frequented by thousands of students every day. The libraries are mostly used for socializing, sleeping, eating, printing things, and occasionally completing course work.

The decision to close library facilities was poorly received by the student body. “Now where am I supposed to browse Facebook and Buzzfeed?” asked junior Alexa Goldman, who frequents Mann Library.

“Every day I get a large mocha from Libe then sit in the stacks and play candy crush instead of reading my notes for two hours,” complained Sophomore Jenna Richardson “Am I expected to go to Starbucks now? I already get my iced latte there every morning! Besides their coffee is like 30 cents more expensive and the people there are gross,” Richardson added.

The shutdown has led to an influx of reluctant students migrating towards Carpenter hall, the only remaining study space on campus. Engineering students are reportedly upset with the increased amount of social interaction and female persons in Carpenter due to unfamiliarity and fear of both.

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