Mayor Svante Myrick Missing for Weeks, Found at Home Playing X-Box

After a stressful and tense week at Ithaca town hall, the Mayoral staff was relieved to find Svante Myrick after his disappearance one week ago. “We figured he just got lost. He does that sometimes, but he usually comes back after a few days.” explained Myrick’s chief of staff Alex Ellers. Ellers continued “One time last year he ate some food that he found sitting out for too long, but we found him crying at a vet clinic the next day.”

Myrick was found this morning in his Collegetown apartment after the CUPD decided to search his home for clues to his whereabouts. When CUPD chief Kathy Zoner broke down the door to his residence, she was surprisingly greeted by a smiling Myrick who was reportedly wearing spiderman footie pajamas, playing x-box, and eating pop tarts. “I thought I still had off for December break, like in college, but actually I was supposed to come into work. No one told me,” explained Myrick.

At age 26, Myrick is the youngest Mayor of Ithaca, NY and prides himself on his abilities to govern the district as both an Ithaca resident and former Cornell student. “I’m really good at my job. But I think video games are more fun,” said Myrick.

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