Students, Faculty Upset Campus-to-Campus Bus Doesn’t Stop in Qatar

In a move widely seen as “misleading” and “unfair” by students and faculty across the Cornell community, the administration announced Friday that Cornell’s Campus to Campus bus would not be adding a stop at the Cornell Medical School in Qatar.
“If you’re going to call it a campus to campus bus,” Joe Armisen ‘14 noted, “at least make a stop in the Middle East. I had been looking forward to the 12,000 hour bus trip to Weill Cornell for a while, and had my iPod all charged.”
In a public address, Campus to Campus stated, “We deeply apologize to the Cornell community for our inability to service these requests for intercontinental transport. There are currently thousands of Cornell students unable to go to Qatar for night or weekend classes, and we are exploring the potential of either aquatic or airborne bussing services to facilitate the needs of all student travelers.”

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