Students Excited to Miss 3-7 A.M. Classes

ITHACA, NY- An alert email has informed the Cornell community of a campuswide closure between 3am and 10am, in order to prevent students from travelling throughout campus during this time period. In a recent announcement, the administration justified their decision, stating, “Without this closing of campus, thousands of students might attempt to brave the elements in order to attend their regularly scheduled dawn courses or catch an early breakfast.”

Michael Scully ‘15 expressed his excitement at this news, explaining “On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I’m usually harshly awakened at 2am by the polar vortex, rush to campus by 2:30am, then wait eagerly outside Kennedy until the building opens for my 3:15am class so I can get a good seat. Now I can finally sleep in for once.”

Other students are excited to use the extra time to catch up on work. “I like to stay up until at least 4:30am studying in Carpenter, since it’s a close walk to my 4:55am lab section in Upson,” said Emily Yong ’16, “but now I can just stay in Carpenter through the night, without having to take a break to attend courses.”

It seems the faculty are the only members of the Cornell community upset about the closure. Spanish professor Joshua Rech told CU Nooz, “Looking out at the crowd full of caffine-jittered and delirious faces during my 6:15 lectures inspires me to do my best every morning. It’s a shame we’ll all miss out on that experience tomorrow.”

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