Cornell Business Fraternities Co-Host Annual Alumni Money Bath

ITHACA, NY – Two Cornell business fraternities, Delta Sigma Pi and Alpha Kappa Psi, came together Tuesday to co-host their annual alumni money bath in Willard Straight Hall. “We all look forward to this event every year,” said DSP junior Greg Alexi. “It’s a great opportunity to chat with alumni, expand our professional network, and cover ourselves from head to toe in US currency.”
Tradition dictates much of the event, which commences every February by shooting one-dollar coins out of a large cannon into Cayuga Lake. Alexi, bundled up in a Bald Eagle feather jacket that he refers to as his “go-to”, told CU Nooz that alumni stay warm during outdoor events by huddling around a bonfire of job offers that they don’t need. “This year, we have job offers from firms such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Ernst and Young, and we’re burning them all. It’s a true testament to the selflessness of our brothers.”
At press time, a screaming Alexi could be seen diving headfirst into a kiddie pool filled with confetti and crude oil.

Above- Artist’s representation of the event.

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