Job Market Looks Promising for Graduates, According to Mom

NEW HAVEN, CT- The job market for Cornell students graduating in 2014 is looking great, according to the mother of Kyle Westing, ’14. “Cathy’s son, remember him? He just got a job out in California. You’ll be sure to find a job!” said Mrs. Westing, talking to the 22-year-old archaeology major over the phone. With unemployment rate hovering around 7% and sitting at a higher 11% for Archaeology majors, Mrs. Westing assured Kyle that he has nothing to worry about. “Jobs love to see hard work, and you’re father and I know that’s what you do. There’s no way my son is going to be unemployed!” reiterated the 47-year-old secretary at the New Haven Museum and Historical Society. Sources later confirmed that Kyle needs to have a computer science background, which he does not have, in order to apply for “General Assistant” at the New Haven Museum and Historical Society.

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