How Your Tuition Increase Will Be Spent

University officials announced Monday that undergraduate tuition will increase by $1,920 beginning next year. CU Nooz provides the breakdown of exactly where that money will go on a per student basis.

  • $10: Tuition increase commemorative baseball caps
  • $15: Bronze statue of Touchdown the Big Red Bear counting money
  • $5: Upgrades to dorm laundry facilities so that they accept cash
  • $25: More hot food vending machines
  • $400: Thrown directly into garbage
  • $50: Funding for campus-wide program to uninstall electrical outlets, Wi-Fi routers
  • $675: Paint
  • $120: Hire employees to wait on Terrace salad line, make it appear longer
  • $1: Jet Ski for Computer Science Professor Daisy Fan
  • $155: Pinball machines
  • $15: Emergency supplementary funds to bring not only Matt but also Kim to Slope Day
  • $35: Processing Fee
  • $250: For investing in penny stocks
  • $4: Donation boxes
  • $60: On-campus Arby’s franchise
  • $100: More waterslides


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