Unique Stat Class to be Created for Every Major

ITHACA, NY – Officials announced Tuesday that they plan to offer a different, individualized class in statistics for each of nearly 80 majors at the university. “Statistics is a diverse and important subject with applications in many fields,” said Dean of Students Kent Hubbell, who plans to teach ENGL 3100: Statistics for English Majors with Applications in Page Numbers. “It’s unreasonable to make a students choose between AEM 2100, ILRST 2100, PAM 2100, ENGRD 2700, CEE 3040, and ECE 3100, among others. What is a human ecology major supposed to do with a basic understanding of probability and distributions gained in an ILR class? The math simply doesn’t translate.” At press time, many students had expressed interest in taking Statistics for Undecided Majors.

Above: Class Notes from Applied Probability for Asian Studies.

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