Inspired by Fishbowls, Level B to Establish Object-Based Drinking Every Weekday

COLLEGETOWN- Due to the success of their Wednesday night Fishbowls special, Collegetown bar Level B has announced the creation of a themed drink for every night of the week based around various household objects and containers.

 “If I’ve learned anything in my time at Level B, it’s that people love drinking, but they hate drinking out of cups, glasses, or really any traditional beverage holder,” explained Craig Behrens, a Level B bartender, while pouring 18 shots of vodka into a pie tin. “Don’t try handing a college student a can or a shot glass; they just won’t stand for it.”

 The specials week will kick off with French Horn Mondays, during which patrons can share a brass instrument filled with Gin and Orange Soda. Next on Ugg Boot Tuesdays Cornell and IC students alike can come enjoy an entire Ugg Boot filled with Jaeger and Kool Aid.

 “In order to keep business up on Wednesdays, we’ll also be allowing full aquarium specials along with the fishbowls our customers know and love,” explained Level B manager Brad Weiss, while aiming a hose full of fruit punch into a 10 foot glass cage.

 If students need a recovery the following day, Level B will be offering BYOO (bring your own object) Thursday Morning specials. “We’ll fill anything you bring in with Bloody Mary mix or Mimosas: backpacks, wheelbarrows, oil drums, you name it!” exclaimed Weiss in between sips of gin and tonic from his bare hands. “Just save room for Thursday night specials, Human Thursdays, where we fill you to the brim with rum and coke.”

 Rounding out the week are Ice Tray Fridays, Turkey Baster Saturdays, and Bucket Sundays.

 SPONSORED POST: Say “CU Nooz” at Level B this Friday, May 2, before 11pm for a FREE SHOT OF FIREBALL.

This article is sponsored by Level B. The daily specials may not be real, BUT THE FREE SHOT OF FIREBALL IS.

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