Researchers say 4 out of 5 Researchers “Would Have Preferred Goldie’s for Lunch”

ITHACA, NY — According to a new study at Cornell University, four out of five researchers would have preferred to go to Goldie’s for lunch. Steven Pratchett was the only one in the lab who wanted to go to Temple of Zeus.

Citing Goldie’s closer location, delicious sandwiches, and its atmosphere, all the other scientists working on the third floor of the Physical Science Building thought it’d be better to go there, “but Steven was adamant we go to Temple of Zeus,” said lead researcher Thiago Sanchez.

“We were shocked to find that everyone else in the lab wanted Goldie’s, but no one was willing to speak up for their choice,” Sanchez continued. “And while we didn’t initially expect to find this, we realized that Steven has kind of poor taste, a conclusion which we found was backed up by the results of the study.”

In regards to the application of the study, Sanchez says, “We hope these results will prove instrumental in making sure that everyone speaks up when I ask, ‘Where should we go for lunch?’”

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