REPORT: It’s Too Late to Mail a Card Home for Mother’s Day

ITHACA, NY – According to a report released by MomsRising today, it is officially too late to buy a card and send it home for Mother’s Day.  The report goes on to say that even though the post office is open on Sundays, cards still cannot make it in time.

Students on campus are shocked by this revelation.  When asked if she sent a card yesterday, sophomore Rebecca Johnson laughed and said, “Mother’s Day is like in so long from now. I have time. It literally takes five seconds to mail a card.”

President of MomsRising, Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, went on to say that Mothers will not be particularly open to excuses like: “I had no stamps,” or, “I was trying to be eco-friendly” because it’s the “one day a year where we want to not have to put up with your nonsense and just be treated well.”

Adding to how much trouble you’re in is the fact  your mom will remind you that “your brother Jeffrey remembered to send a card.  He always remembers.”  However, it’s not too late to give your mom a call – not a text with fifteen different emoji – and let her know that you love her and are thinking of her today.  For brownie points, tell her the call is the only break you’ve taken from studying today, she’ll like that.


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