Student Desperate for Non-School-Related Excuse for Not Keeping Up On What’s Happening In Iraq

ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY- Rising Junior Gabriela Ramos has entered a state of panic caused by her inability to reasonably justify the fact that she knows nothing about the current tense state of affairs in the Middle-Eastern country of Iraq.

“During the academic year, I can usually brush off things like this by saying I’m too busy with school to follow current events,” said the history major, referring unknowingly to attacks by ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, on many cities throughout northern Iraq that have left hundreds of thousands displaced from their homes and as many as 1,700 soldiers dead.

“The truth is, I just don’t care enough to read up on these sorts of things.”

At press time, Ramos had elected to tell people she was “too busy with [her] internship.”

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