Global Warming Skeptics Silenced By Summer

CHESAPEAKE, MISSOURI — Recent reports have shown that the arrival of summer and the associated rising temperatures have led many former non-believers to accept global warming as truth.

“Back in the winter, it was very, very cold,” explained Marion Fletcher, a rising senior chemical engineer and self-described frequent weather observer. He went on to say, “Now, though, it’s very hot and it’s become clear to me that global warming is happening and affecting our daily lives.”

Fletcher explained that he can definitely tell when it is hot and when it is cold. “I used to always laugh at people who said that global warming was happening when it was very cold, usually during winter. How can it be global warming if it’s cold? The recent rise in temperature since February has definitely convinced me.”

Further reports indicated a large number of senior citizens abandoning their skepticism of climate change after moving from the Northeast to the Fort Lauderdale area.

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