CU Nooz’s College Packing List

Moving in can be stressful! But CU Nooz is here to help, and we’ve compiled a list to help ease your transition as a new student.

  • Twin XL Sheet Set (x 2) — Note that this is a custom sheet size, so you will have to visit your local seamstress to have these specially made.

  • Agava and College Town Bagel’s stickers — They’re mandatory.

  • Mini Fridge — Make sure to communicate with your roommates to make sure that everyone brings their own mini fridge and they don’t touch any of your stuff.

  • Your nice blue shirt — The one that your grandmother bought you. Why don’t you ever wear it? It looks so nice with those khakis you got for your birthday. I’m sure there are plenty of nice girls at Cornell who would like to see you dress nice.

  • Flashlight and extra batteries — In case it’s dark.

  • iClicker — You’ll need it for many of your large lectures. Wait, you fucking freshmen probably don’t even know what this is. Damn freshmen, always not knowing things.

  • Hard Copy of College Application and Admission Letter — Cornell Police exist solely to ensure that everyone on campus is a Cornell Student and will regularly request to see your documents. Failure to provide them risks deportation.

  • High School Apparel — Never forget where you came from.

  • Passport and $10,000 in cash — For when the FBI finally realizes you’ve been playing them all along.

  • Condoms — For, well, you know…don’t make us say it…

  • 8 shirts — One for each day of the week, plus one extra (just in case).

  • A picture of your high school girl/boyfriend — Ithaca has some of the best tattoo artists in the country and you’ll need a good reference for the full sleeve you’re going to surprise him / her with over Thanksgiving.

  • Confidence — You won’t need any school supplies. You never had to study in high school, so you’ll definitely be able to coast through college, too.

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