With Retirement of RedRover Secure, Cornell IT Encourages Campus to Switch to EduFoam

ITHACA- Over the course of the summer, Cornell Information Technologies has sent out a series of emails explaining the retirement of the campus Wi-Fi network RedRover Secure and encouraging users to switch to EduFoam, a liquid-foam spray that provides connection to the internet when applied directly to a laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

“We think EduFoam is the future of wireless internet on campus. EduFoam is secure, keeping all of the user’s information private, and it can be used to connect at other EduFoam schools,” detailed Ted Dodds, Cornell CIO and Vice President of Information Technologies.

“Plus, weak signals can be alleviated by simply applying more foam.”

Dodds did stress, however, that users must use absolute caution when using EduFoam, making sure that they do not get EduFoam on their skin or in their eyes and that they wear proper protective gear, including goggles, when browsing the web.


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