Cornell Plants Baby Clock Tower On Arts Quad

ARTS QUAD — In an effort to eventually create a campus full of the iconic timekeepers, Cornell surprised students this past weekend by planting a new, baby clock tower in the middle of the Arts Quad.

“Clock towers are very rare around this area, and we saw an opportunity to increase the aesthetic diversity of the campus while also being able to nurture this wonderful structure into a big, beautiful clock tower,” stated Dr. William Crepet, professor of Plant Biology and amateur gardener of obelisk-like structures, while watering the school’s newest focal point. “I hope to one day create the world’s first clock tower forest, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For now, we’ll see if this little guy here can even grow all 161 of his steps.”

Crepet went on to say that the 46-foot-tall spire may take a long time to grow, and in the meantime Cornellians should understand that clock towers don’t always look so pretty in their developmental phases.

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