Commons Construction Postponed Until Myrick Finds Toy Truck

ITHACA COMMONS — Completion of the Ithaca Commons development has been delayed until early 2015 in order to give Mayor Svante Myrick enough time to find the toy truck that he lost there last weekend. They mayor was reportedly playing on the construction site with the toy truck, while making pretend that it was a real truck that was helping with the renovations.

“Mom told me not to play on the Commons when they were building things,” commented Myrick. “But there were really big trucks there and I wanted to see them.”

The toy is an orange pickup truck, with a small figurine that sits in the drivers seat who wears a construction hat. It means a lot to Myrick, as it was a birthday present from Grandma last year, and just last week he put Mickey Mouse stickers on the sides.

Anyone who finds the truck is encouraged to please return it to Myrick, or else he’ll have to spend all his allowance on a new one.

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