Student Takes Quick Break From Netflix to Study, Be Productive

FLORA ROSE HOUSE — According to residents of Flora Rose House, sophomore Allison Galder took a quick break from watching Netflix to study.

“She had been lying on her bed watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ nonstop for 4 hours,” reported Galder’s roommate, “It was great to see her take a break and unwind a little bit by studying for her tests and completing assignments.” Other close acquaintances of Galder expressed positive feelings about her brief period of productivity, explaining how the diligent Sophomore had been having difficulty fitting both ‘Maleficent’ and ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ into a single night, and were relieved to know that Galder was finding time to work on her required assignments.

Galder’s roommate continued, “Allison has really been going on about how stressed she is the upcoming release of season two of Orange is the New Black, and it’s great that she found time to relax and do something like work on homework.”

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