University Set to Offer “History of Campus Construction” in the Spring

MILSTEIN HALL- In a statement released last Tuesday, the Architecture and History departments announced that they are coming together to offer a new class this spring titled “History of Campus Construction.”

“We wanted to offer a class that was unique to Cornell, and we felt that this class truly exemplifies the mission of our slowly crumbling campus,” stated Dr. Mark Cruvellier, department chair of Architecture and construction enthusiast, while studying Cornell’s 2015 renovation plans.

“Every year since Cornell has been founded there has been ongoing construction. There’s just so much to learn!”

“Campus construction has always fascinated me,” said junior Nina Barnes. “I can’t wait to come back in twenty years and see what buildings I can no longer recognize.”

The course will include analyses of the best alternate routes to take to avoid construction zones and will conclude with a field trip to view the site of Klarman Hall from across the street.

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