Svante Myrick Cancels Day of Meetings to Sew Halloween Costume With Mom

ITHACA TOWN HALL — Early this morning, Ithaca mayor Svante Myrick announced that he would be canceling all of his scheduled meetings in favor of sewing the finishing touches onto his halloween costume with his mom.

“I’m gonna be a race car driver!” said an excited Myrick as he and his mother gathered up a pair of old sweatpants and his dad’s t-shirt to make the costume. “We still need to stick a big number one on the back, and to put a cool race car logo on the front. It’s gonna be awesome!”

In previous years, Myrick has dressed up as a giraffe, a rock star, and even a robot. However, Myrick says that this costume will top them all.

“This is the first that mom’s actually letting me help sew! When I was the giraffe last year I only got to glue on the googley eyes for the face, but now I’m finally big enough to use the sewing machine.

At press time, no one knows who’s running the city.

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