Freshmen Definitely Enjoyed Staying on Campus for Thanksgiving

MARY DONLON HALL—While the vast majority of students visited home over Thanksgiving Break, reports confirm that Brian O’Connor (ILR ’18) had a great time staying in his quiet, lonely dorm the past five days.

“It probably would’ve been really really nice spend time with my parents, or my dog, or my girlfriend of three years. But, I thought it was fun schlepping down to West Campus to spend 14 bucks on dry turkey and what may or may not have been stuffing,” shared O’Connor, who has reportedly eaten thirteen of his last fifteen meals alone.

Connor continued, “I saw on Facebook that a lot of my closest friends had gotten together over the break, which was just…awesome. That’s what’s so cool about the digital age! Video-chatting with my mom is basically the same as giving her a hug…right?”

O’Connor was later observed asking his girlfriend to snuggle with him through FaceTime.

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