Kung Fu Tea Hopes to Capture Bubble Tea Market on South Side of Dryden Road between College and Eddy

COLLEGETOWN- Bubble tea specialty drink chain Kung Fu Tea recently opened a franchise at 143 Dryden Road in Collegetown in hopes of cashing in on the hoards of bubble tea fans on the south side of Dryden between College Avenue and Eddy Street.

“I can’t count the number of times I’ve been craving bubble tea while standing outside Collegetown Pizza, but didn’t want to cross the street to Café Pacific, or walk down to the Old Teahouse, or walk up to Teatime,” explained excited junior Jessica Cole.

“I hope they also sell bottled water.”

Ownership declined an interview, but noted that if this branch is successful, more locations could open on College Avenue both north and south of Dryden Road.

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