Svante Myrick Gets Valentine’s Day Cards for Whole City

SHOPS AT ITHACA MALL- Mayor Svante Myrick visited Target with his mother this afternoon to buy Valentine’s Day cards for every resident in the City of Ithaca.

“Look, mom! Frozen!” said Myrick, pointing at the box of Frozen themed cards in Target’s Valentine’s Day aisle. Myrick added that “everyone in [his] city loves Frozen” and Olaf was “his favorite character.”

Myrick then put all twelve available 16-count boxes of cards in his shopping cart, determining to hand-draw cards for the 29,808 residents for whom he could not get actual cards at the store. He planned to include short notes on all valentines like, “Thanks for living in my city! Your pal, Svante”

At the time of release, Svante and his mother were busy looking for “individually wrapped, peanut-free” candy to give out along with the cards.

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