Students Cramming for Upcoming ‘House of Cards’ Prelim

MANN LIBRARY- Students across campus have been hard at work preparing for the upcoming prelim in GOVT 4330: Intro to ‘House of Cards,’ oftentimes spending many consecutive hours watching the most recent season of the Netflix original drama.

“I’ve been so busy this week with all my classes. I had to watch six episodes of ‘House of Cards’ yesterday and barely got any sleep,” detailed senior Juliana Torres, who remarked that she was frustrated that the exam would cover material released just over a week ago.

“And it just stresses me out more when I’m in the library and I see everyone else watching the show and I know I should be watching too.”

At press time, Torres had taken a break from her ‘House of Cards’ studying to work on her project for INFO 2350: Browsing Facebook.

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