Campus Nerds Prepare Rager for Super-Pi Day

MALLOTT HALL — To celebrate all the great advancements in mathematics made possible by the almighty irrational number, Cornell’s nerds are all set to throw a huge rager for Super-Pi Day on Saturday, 3/14/15.

The date marks an extraordinary numerical parallel with pi to the unheard of degree of four decimal places, and the university’s Star Wars fanatics are looking to go balls-to-the-wall on this once every hundred years opportunity. “Dude, the discovery of the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter totally revolutionized mathematical understanding,” said Applied Mathematics major Edward Juteberry, “We are going to get so wasted that we walk in sine waves.”

The hardcore party will pay tribute to all things circular, and will include Frisbees, Pokeballs, and even prescription glasses. When pressed for comment, Physics major Douglas Plamforth exclaimed, “Just like pi, this party is going to go on and on forever!”

As the date steadily approaches, nerds across campus assure themselves that Super-Pi Day will be the best Pi Day ever.

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