College of Agriculture Announces Hog Wranglin’ Class

MORRISON HALL — Administrators in the Department of Animal Science have officially announced that ANSC 3240: Introduction to Hog Wranglin’ will be offered to CALS students as part of the 2015 Fall curriculum. The course will expose undergraduates to the intricacies of a good ol’ fashioned swine tussle while emphasizing the core principles of the general farm animal free-for-all.

“When you’ve got a coupla’ pigs that yer fixin’ to slaughter, chances are one or two of ‘em are gonna get loose,” explained Professor Michael Thonney, who will teach the class for the 2015-16 academic year. “All’s I know is if you see a porker making a break for it across the pasture, you’ll need the wherewithall to nab that sucker.”

The course will teach basic through advanced techniques of humanely handling hogs, the proper way to wrastle them back to the sty, and how to hold on for dear life while the gosh dang thing’s thrashing about for half an hour or so.

The 3-credit course may also be used to fulfill a Physical Education requirement, as being out there trying to hold down a full-grown sow in nothing but yer britches’ll get you sweatin’ like a whore in church.

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