Elizabeth Garrett Moves into Balch Single

NORTH CAMPUS — Eager to begin her tenure as Cornell’s 13th president, Elizabeth Garrett finally moved into her single in Balch Hall this past week.

“It’s such a nice room” said Garrett as she tacked up photos of her family’s dog on her cork board. “I have my own sink and a great view of that green bridge!”

Garrett is confident that she will adjust well to college life and living on her own, but has been assured that she can always talk to her R.A., Erin Richer ’18, if she needs anything at all.

“Having a single in an all-girls dorm might get lonely at times,” added Garrett. “I hope I can meet people and make new friends once my floormates get here!”

At press time, Garrett was still searching for somewhere to fit her minifridge and waiting for someone to come loft her bed.

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