Outdated Chemistry Syllabus Confirms Year Still 2012

BAKER LAB — At today’s first lecture of CHEM 2140, an outdated syllabus officially revealed that this year’s course takes place once again during Fall semester 2012. Professor Janice Stocking was proud to acknowledge that her syllabus transcends time, that the year of Tim Tebow and the Mayan Apocalypse was expressly selected for this offering of the class.

“I don’t think there’s a better time to learn chemistry than the year it is right now, the year 2012 according to this outdated syllabus” said student Jenna Thompson, a Sophomore in Prof. Stocking’s class, who went on to add “By the way, have you heard of Gangnam Style?”

According to the syllabus, the intermediate level chemistry class will require a textbook two editions behind current circulation and will have of two prelims and one final exam, all of which will take place three years ago.

One senior undergraduate TA for the course commented, “I can’t believe I get to be a consultant for this course after just graduating high school in May. That 5 on the AP Chemistry exam really helped out, I guess! Re-elect Obama!”

At press time, Prof. Stocking was seen quickly skipping over a powerpoint slide that referenced the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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