Injured Gannett Construction Workers to Receive Treatment by Summer 2017

GANNETT HEALTH CENTER – Following the news that multiple construction workers had sustained injuries on the site of the new health center, Cornell University Health Services announced today that they estimate the injured workers will be able to receive full treatment at Gannett by the summer of 2017.

“I got a pretty bad scrape on my right arm last week, it might be broken, but we can’t really be received at Gannett before we finish building it” said worker Ben Kipp, who will have to wait another two years until his project is done before he can finally see a doctor.

“My buddy Johnny [Tyrell] might have broken a toe last week, but he’s in charge of building the x-ray office, so he’s his own worst enemy at this point. The sign says we’ll be done by Summer 2017, and I hope we reach that goal, because a lot of us here need medical attention.”

Following the Gannett announcement, university officials overseeing construction went on to announce that, until construction on Klarman Hall is completed, no construction worker should even bother with the thought of majoring in the humanities.

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