Lazy Tour Guide Makes Visiting Group Walk Backwards

EAST AVENUE — Worn-out after showing dozens of people around campus all day, tour guide Arthur Chase ’18 was exhausted, and just decided to make his last group of the day walk backwards instead.

“Hey, everybody, my legs are killing me, so I’m just going to have you all turn around and we’ll start the tour” Chase told sixteen prospective students and their families before departing from Day hall. “Don’t worry, I’ll let you all know if you’re about to walk into a tree or something.”

Members of the tour group appreciated the new perspective they got of Cornell’s campus, such as Emily Newburgh, a high school senior who commented “I want to go to this school! I can really picture myself walking backwards to class every morning. I just hope walking backwards up all these hills gets easier after four years!”

Several other tour guides have adopted Chase’s brand of laziness, resulting in a sharp increase in Cornell tourists injured by oncoming traffic.

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