Clock Tower Updated To High Definition Retina Display

McGRAW TOWER — After years of obsolescence, Cornell’s clock tower has finally undergone renovations and has been updated to a newer, sleeker digital interface at 326 pixels per inch.

“With technology changing as rapidly as it is today, we need to be sure to keep up with modern trends,” said Dave Choi of the University Campus Planning Office, “and adding the LCD display and touch screen seemed like the most obvious direction to take the clock tower.”

The replacement of the analog clock will also be accompanied by a new, marimba-inspired alarm tone set to sound every fifteen minutes, and a speech synthesis device to read off the exact time at the top of every hour.

“It’ll be absolutely perfect for Skyping my parents,” commented Sandra Walters ’17, “they’ve always wanted to come to campus, and now I can show them the best view in the world, assuming they get the webcams installed before I graduate.”

Additionally, the tower is also expected to hold up to 20,000 chimes songs in its 64 gigabyte hard drive.

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