Nooz Staff December 7, 2015

Student Still Stuck on Problem Set 1

THURSTON HALL– Despite the semester coming to an end, Jameson Mills ‘19, continues to struggle understanding exactly how to arrive at his solution for the first problem set, assigned in early September of his introductory physics course.

“I just feel like if I can get that ‘a-ha’ moment and get these questions, I’ll finally be able to get on to the problem set 2 and eventually start studying for the final,” said Mills, sitting in the library agonizing over the introductory material.

Out of the seven problem sets assigned this semester, Mills has found the first the most difficult, though refuses to move on to subsequent homeworks until he fully understands the topics from the first three lectures of the course.

“The professor said most of the material on the final will be like the homework, so doing everything in the next forty-eight hours will make me super ready! I’m gonna ace it!” added the exasperated, sweat-drenched Mills.

The final exam for the course was taken in class, a week ago.

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