“Hallelujah, The Rainy Season Has Come!” Cry Ithaca Dust Bowl Farmers

TOMPKINS COUNTY — Hundreds of dustbowl farmers in the greater Tompkins County area are rejoicing at the coming of the rain, after months of drought brought no crops to their land.

“Madge! Madge, get out here, you’re not gonna believe this!” cried Ernest Young, finally seeing the thick storm clouds form overhead and drop a deluge like it was manna from heaven. Young and his wife reportedly ran outside and danced in the muddy earth, their prayers having been answered for the coming harvest.

Honest folk all across the plains said they “had never seen anything like it, this year’s yield is ought to be more bountiful than anything before and anything since. Tell the boys to wire President Roosevelt, tell him we’ve been saved!”

“The men from the bank were gonna shut down our homestead if the grain didn’t grow,” said Jebediah Nelson of Watkins Farm, “but the sky done opened up and let loose a God given miracle. Praise our Lord!”

The celebrations for the return of life-giving water to the valley soon ended when the migrant workers realized they had to walk around Ithaca in the mud all day and decided to stay inside.

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