Experienced Senior Buries Bottle Of Sunscreen on Slope

LIBE SLOPE — Calling upon three years of hardened experience in the field, Senior Liam McKlevern spent the afternoon burying a bottle of sunscreen in the slope in preparation for Slope Day.

“Most novices think they can just hit the slope with a single layer of SPF 35,” reported McKlevern, leaning up against his shovel. “But take it from me, the key to really having a blast on Slope Day lies in burying a Zinc Oxide boosted SPF 100+ sunscreen. They don’t let you bring protection like that through the gates.”

Burying sunscreen was just the beginning of the Senior’s preparation, whose fridge is currently stocked wall-to-wall with a diverse assortment of bottled water. “All I have to do now is show up all hydrated and dig this bad boy up, then that’s when the real party starts.”

Upon hearing about McKlevern’s exploits, the Slope Day Planning Committee would like to remind everyone that applying adequate amounts of sunscreen, while not explicitly illegal, does violate years of Cornell tradition.

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