Great, Mom Already Crying

NORTH CAMPUS – Upon parking the family’s light blue Town & Country near Mews Hall, the mother of incoming freshman Tricia Duvan ’20 was reportedly, great, already crying over the idea of leaving her only daughter in this new and strange college environment without her mother by her side.

“Oh, my sweet, sweet daughter! Just yesterday you were my little baby girl, and now you’re starting college. I can’t believe you’re leaving me!” said the choked-up mother through her tears, oblivious to her daughter’s increasingly stern stares, I mean c’mon Mom, and the rapidly increasing volume of her whimpers, please Mom this is awkward.

“I know that we still have to move you in, get dinner, and aren’t leaving until tomorrow, but if you think your mother isn’t going to cry for the next 18 hours then you must not be my Trish-trish.”

Mrs. Duvan was later seen fully bawling throughout dinner at Viva Taqueria, which was the most embarrassing thing ever, and both Mr. Duvan and Tricia have expressed fears over what more could possibly happen tomorrow once the family actually goes home.

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