Marshmallow Mateys “Marvelously Scrumptious!” Say Dining Hall Patrons Goo-Ga for Coco Roos

APPEL DINING HALL — Finishing up the best part of their balanced breakfast, hundreds of dining hall patrons this morning said their hearty bowls of Marshmallow Mateys were “marvelously scrumptious!” and that they were going goo-ga for Coco Roos.

“Some people just don’t get why kids like the sweet flavor of Cinnamon Toasters,” said Arthur Landman ’20, as he followed his nose to the Tootie Fruities. “Maybe later I’ll help myself to some Berry Berry Crunch, if that naughty bunny doesn’t get them first. Naughty bunny, Berry Berry Crunch is for adolescents!”

While some students prefer the more sugary Frosted Mini Spooners and Apple Zings, many more enjoy the simple slap, dabble and plop of Crispy Rice for breakfast.

“My personal favorite is Colossal Crunch! Cerealize me, Colossus!” said Trent Newell ’20.

All of the loyal consumers of the Malt-O-Meal brand cereals left the dining hall happy this morning, except for eaters of the “generic and non-trademarked taste” of raisin bran.

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