University Hearing Board Accused of Reading, Interpreting Campus Code of Conduct

DAY HALL—Claiming it was a flagrant breach of university bylaws, the Office of the Judicial Administrator accused the University Hearing Board of reading the Campus Code of Conduct on Wednesday, when the Board cleared a student for leaking documents to the Daily Sun.

“The actions taken by the UHB to fully comprehend the meaning behind institutional rules, and then issue a verdict based on that understanding, is a blatant abuse of power,” said Dean Barbara Knuth. The Senior Vice Provost then labeled the interpretation of the Campus Code of Conduct a “misuse of University or non-University documents,” according to the Campus Code of Conduct.

“Any enforcement of the Code as intended by its numerous faculty and student authors is unlawful as stated by the administration’s Machiavellian reading of the same text.”

These latest accusations have been hailed by university leaders as a necessary step towards justice and free speech for Deans and Provosts across campus.

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