OP-ED: You And I Both Know Our Construction Team Can’t Handle Building A Pathway In Ezra’s Tunnel

By Ryan Lombardi, Vice President of Student and Campus Life

A new university initiative to block off access to Ezra’s Tunnel was announced Wednesday, and I am already bombarded with demands to make the pathway more accessible. All of you are under the impression that we just need to add some staircases to make the trail safe. Apparently none of you have been paying attention to any of the construction that goes on around here.

Do you really believe construction can assemble a simple set of steps and rails in a safe and time-efficient manner? These are the same people who still don’t realize there’s a gaping hole in Rand Hall!

Look, I get it. Ezra’s Tunnel is a beautiful and historic landmark that exemplifies the breathtaking natural settings Ithaca has to offer. And I understand that simple measures used in virtually every other gorge trail would make the area significantly safer, while still open for students to enjoy.

But you guys don’t understand what it is like trying to complete a construction project around here. We are looking at a minimum of two years to even get the ball rolling on this thing, another two in delays, and will need to order at least a dozen extra No Winter Maintenance signs.

I think it would be much easier for all of us if we simply put a fence up in front of the entrance and call it a day. That way we can get back to figuring out what we were doing to the Ag Quad, and you guys can continue to break into the trail anyway. Sound good?

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