Forty-Two Uncomfortable Freshman Receive “The Talk” From Concerned RA

HIGH RISE 5—Squirming in their seats as they sat cross-legged on the couch, forty-two uncomfortable freshmen received the “birds and the bees” talk from concerned Resident Advisor Carlie Solotoff on Monday afternoon.

“You might notice some changes going on with your body, but just know that it’s totally normal,” Solotoff reassured the circle of uneasy new students as she rubbed their backs. “It’s all a part of growing up.”

Despite her young listeners’ attempts to change the subject, Solotoff continued her talk, emphasizing that everyone goes through these changes at their own pace, and no one should feel awkward if their roommate is further ahead in their bodily development.

The blossoming individuals started getting squeamish when Solotoff passed out copies of the picture book “What’s Happening to My Body?” to make sure her hallway is making safe, educated decisions as they mature and explore throughout their first year at college.

After briefly explaining the benefits of abstinence, the RA ended the meeting by pointing out to the freshmen that she keeps a basket of condoms outside her door, insisting that if they are going to have sex, it is better they do it there where it’s safe.

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