Report: My Mom Really Worried About Recent Ithaca Armed Robberies

SOUTH BEND, INDIANA—After reading some articles about January’s armed robberies across Ithaca, my mom is reportedly pretty afraid that the thief may threaten my safety at Cornell.

“Hey, I’m checking in to make sure you’re doing okay,” my mom texted me last Sunday, presumably worried that the criminal may break into my apartment and attempt to steal my belongings. “Remember, if someone knocks on your door, don’t let them in unless you know who it is.”

It is unclear how exactly my mom learned about the string of crimes. Some speculate Rachel Schuman ’21’s mother told her, because they seem to talk about everything together.

“Every day, she tells me something new about the three different robberies,” my dad told me before listing five different Ithaca newspapers that my mom has been reading. “Could you do me a favor and text her for the next few nights that you’re locking your doors?”

As of press time, the other Cornell moms in my mother’s group chat have shifted to being more worried about the ongoing flu season.

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