OP-ED: Do You Have My Club’s Facebook Page Password?

I’m glad I have your attention. I’ve looked everywhere without any luck, and I could really use your help. Is there any chance you have my club’s Facebook page password?

We created our Facebook page awhile back in the hopes that it would be a good way to gain exposure. But after a few months our social media chair Jessica graduated and she gave it to Dave, but then he went abroad and we couldn’t contact him. After that the page went unused for a couple semesters.

Of course, recently we decided we wanted to get it back up and running, but Dave also graduated. He said he gave the password to Mandy, who changed it, but Mandy said she couldn’t manage the page because she was having a stressful semester so she gave it to Sarah. Unfortunately, Sarah stopped coming to club meetings a few months ago and muted the Groupme and won’t return any of our emails or texts.

Needless to say, we’ve tried everyone. There was Jamey, who was the secretary back in the day but he insisted he never knew the password, and Rick, but he’s pretty sure he made a page that no one used so he deleted it and doesn’t remember the password anyway. We even contacted a bunch of alums, to no avail. So please, I know the odds are slim, but is it possible you know my club’s Facebook page password?

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