EDITORIAL: Pocket Points Already So Irrelevant, It’s Not Even Worth Writing About Anymore

After a short-lived stint as the hot topic on campus, Pocket Points, an app that gives students rewards for turning off their phones in class, has quickly faded out of the public eye and therefore does not warrant any kind of editorial response from us here at CU Nooz.

The app offered students deals and free food, but the mighty have fallen like they always must, wounded by their hubris that this sort of customer-indulgent model could work forever. In fact, it’s already so irrelevant that any news coverage seems too late.

Three students interviewed lamented that they should’ve known it was too good to be true. Their remaining few points will languish, unused.

When Pocket Points first became popular, campus was abuzz with talk of racking up points and Bluetooth syncing. We, however, saw the inevitable decline of an app too good to be true, but by now it’s not even worth more than a mention to our friends.


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