OP-ED: Hey! That’s My Freshman Roommate…I Think

See that girl over there? That’s my freshman roommate…I think.

Yeah. She was my roommate from freshman year in Mews. She had the key to all my personal belongings for an entire year, and I’m… I wanna say, like, 80% sure that’s her.

Okay, that might not be her. I’m really leaning toward thinking, yes, I do remember what her face looks like from only two years ago, but based on this, it kind of seems like… no.

Is she even at this school right now? Is she studying abroad? I’d know, right? I’ll look it up. Aren’t we Facebook friends? Why aren’t we Facebook friends? Did she unfriend me? That bitch. Let me check if we’re Facebook friends.

Okay, so I’m having a little trouble checking because, um, I don’t exactly remember her name.

Listen, we got dinner at RPCC twice a week for several months! I remember a lot about her! She definitely is in a club that has something to do with either health care or finance, for one. Hell, who am I kidding? It’s a wild guess.

Oh no. Oh shit. She’s walking over here, I can’t tell if it’s toward me or not. I’m just gonna wave and shout “Rebecca!” and hope God is real.


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