Ithaca City Officials Hoping Next Weekend’s Onionfest as Successful as Applefest

ITHACA COMMONS—Following this weekend’s tremendously successful Applefest, city officials are looking forward to similar turnout for next weekend’s onion-themed festivities.

Concessions will include “onion cider, onion mac and cheese, onion sauce, onion donuts, and sweet, sweet onion pies!” according to Brandon Wiseman, chairperson of the New York State Onion Association. The association stepped up to assist with the event after the previous city proposal of “Turnipfest: Give a Hoot for your Root! vegetables” tested poorly with focus groups.

Onionfest has raised some concerns, but Ithaca local Breanna Dhuir got a chance to get a pre-opening look and was pleasantly surprised. “I had my doubts at first,” the Ithaca High School gym teacher said, “but once I got over the smell of concentrated onion-breath and constantly tearing up from all of the onions being chopped around me, I had a fun time!”

If this weekend goes well, city officials will give the green light for Rutabagafest in November.

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