Coach David Archer Brings Football Team to Chuck E. Cheese’s to Cheer Them Up After Tough Loss

CHUCK E. CHEESE’S—After their tough 66-0 loss against Princeton, Cornell football coach David Archer ‘05 decided to cheer up his bummed-out players by bringing them to the local Chuck E. Cheese’s.

“The poor kids are just beating themselves up about it. I told them Princeton was really good and that Harvard and Brown also lost to them, so that they don’t feel so alone,” said Archer, who has coached Big Red since it was suggested to him by some parents in 2013. “I tried to get them all even playing time, but they were still pretty demoralized at the end. A little trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s will get their fighting spirit back!”

Most players were excited to hit the arcade, while a few hung back to enjoy the soft serve and snacks. One sophomore, still teary after having dropped ten passes, had to get cheered up by the animatronic mouse himself before joining his friends at the foosball table.

As smiles returned to the tired players’ faces, the evening seemed to be a hit. “I love it here, especially the Rock’em Sock’em games—bang bang!” said linebacker Jack McDavis ‘20. “This way, they don’t hit back.”

Archer stated that his team was ready to hit the field and go back to practice, provided the university cover the entertainment center’s bill.

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