Student Gets The Bad TA

MARTHA VAN RENSSELAER HALL—Upon arriving to her first discussion section on Wednesday, Julie Witzeman ’20 was shocked to discover that she was placed into the section led by the bad TA.

“Apparently my TA has a reputation for responding infrequently to emails, not explaining the important points, and taking points off assignments for every minor issue,” said Witzeman, while reading the class’s RateMyProfessor. “This review just says ‘if you get the bad TA, you’re fucked.’”

During the first class section, the bad TA outlined his policies for the semester, including a no-excuses anti-electronics rule, required attendance in each section, and instructions for all students to address him as “Sir.”

“I figured there would be room in other sections considering the enrollment limit is 20 and my section only has six students, but every single one has a red dot on student center,” continued Witzeman. “The one time I saw another open up, I’m pretty sure student center crashed from a bunch of people trying to enroll in the class at once.”

Meanwhile, Witzeman’s friend in another section described his TA as “a chill grad student” who “doesn’t like to give B’s.”

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