Generous Professor Won’t Make You Buy Books, As Long As You Print 5,000 Pages of Readings

GOLDWIN SMITH HALL—Introduction to American Government professor Don Goodin has magnanimously introduced a policy of no required books, instead providing thousands of pages of online reading that must be printed.

The generosity has not gone unnoticed by students. “Professor Goodin really gets that some students just can’t afford all the books,” said Nanette Warner ‘22. “I’ve saved so much money by printing this set of encyclopedias on campus.”

Goodin’s syllabus made clear from the beginning of the semester that he would try to make things easier for the students, including requiring print copies because it stimulates learning. With this altruistic goal, students are also able to spend 45 minutes getting to know the libraries while the 5,000 pages print.

“Thank God I don’t have spend my own money on a book I’ll only read once. I absolutely hate waste,” said Warner, from behind a three-foot stack of loose paper containing the complete works of William Shakespeare.

In class, Professor Goodin references the readings from an electronic copy he keeps open on his laptop.

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