TCAT Driver Lookin’ Extra Cute This Morning

NORTHCROSS @ JESSUP – As she hopped on the TCAT on her way class this Wednesday, Jessica Abbot ‘22 was delighted to discover that the usually endearing bus driver was looking exceptionally precious that morning.

Abbot couldn’t quite put her finger on what made Steve Haas, TCAT driver of 12 years, look even more lovable that day, given that she was used to seeing him regularly steal the hearts of everyone with his darling windbreaker-and-glasses duo.

“I see him every Tuesday and Thursday on the way to my 9:05.  But something was special this morning,” Abbot mused. “Maybe it was the spring sunlight glinting off his scalp or his fresh new pair of white Sketchers. Either way, he looked particularly adorable.”

Several other passengers enamored with Haas were delighted by his especially warm smile and friendly greeting that morning, reportedly altering their daily plans to allow them to stay with the cutie for just one more stop.

Following this development, Abbot plants to switch up her bus route. “It’s a bit of a longer walk to take the 30 from Balch Hall, but I don’t want to seem too clingy.  I want Steve to know that no matter how enchanting he is, I have other options lined up.”

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