Krispy Kreme Surpasses SAFC as Main Body Responsible for Funding Clubs

DUFFIELD HALL — According to student treasurers, clubs and societies at Cornell now attribute a majority of their incoming revenue to Krispy Kreme donut sales as opposed to their allocated budget from the Student Activities Funding Commission (SAFC). Citing denied budget requests and stringent requirements, various clubs have decided that Krispy Kreme is a more reliable source of income and more caring to the financial needs of their respective organizations.

“We found the SAFC’s new funding application review process to be really confusing and when our budget request was denied I was really worried,” said Allen Tracton ‘22 of the pickleball club executive board, “but Krispy Kreme was a huge help reaching our fundraising goals and we were able to make the budget work.”

When asked for comment, SAFC Director of Public Relations Antonio “Green Beans” Tumminelli ‘21 assured that he “sent some muscle Krispy Kreme’s way to handle the situation.”

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