Cornell Suggests Using Reef Polling App To DNC

DAY HALL—Following the bungled use of a tabulation app at the Iowa Caucuses, Cornell has officially offered to train the DNC on how to use the university-adopted iClicker Reef polling app. 

“We here at Cornell know that there is no better way to quickly calculate poll results than by using the Reef Polling app. Not only is it a great supplement for your iClicker Device, but all of our students and faculty love its efficiency and ease of use,” said Dean of Students Vijay Pendakur, who added that the app can also be used for fun little quizzes to see if people are paying attention at caucuses. “Plus,” he continued, “you get to offload administrative costs onto voters.”

Cornell has also mulled advertising the app’s connectivity issues to the Republican party as a surefire method for voter disenfranchisement.

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